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Thanks to all GOSURF fans for their support. And thanks to everyone who gives us help on our development.


Who are We

DEVELOPER: Stanley Xu / onkyo / 张硕
DESIGN: Stanley Xu / Wayhome W. / Lippy (EX)
SUPPORT: Solin / joykxp / Joseph.G / aqua / 伊樂 / 紫色流星 / Kevin Qian
TRANSLATE: Change / Kii Ali / Sean / Issac Chang / keroro / Stefan Rohe / Marco D'Amato / Ianos Genach / Ant Köksal / lord Kelvin / Roy Vedoy / Chabloz Regis / HRANT® / mavers
PARTNER: Baidu.com / 新幻社區 / Share*It!

Make a Translation Package

If you want to be an official translator of GOSURF, We will be appreciate you for that. To contact with us, please select the tab "Support" and click the link "Feedback" below.

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