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Smarter Search » Google is integrated: Simply type "g ‹word›" in Address bar and press ENTER. It can be easily extended to hundreds of other search engines as well!


Pre-defined Quick Search Providers (TODO)
  • Type "g"   =   "Google.com"
  • Type "mp3"   =   "MP3.com"
  • Type "d"   =   "DOWNLOAD.com"
  • Type "n"   =   "Yahoo! News"

Customize your favorite Search Providers
To add your favorites search provider, or remove them:
  1. Find the button Quick Search. It locates at the right side of Adress bar.
  2. Click its dropdown arrow, and click "Manage Search Providers...".
  3. So you can edit search engines in "Web Service Management" dialog.
We update Aliase Search Providers regular in our community.

What's Default Search Provider
You can specify a default search engine in "Web Service Management" dialog. Default Search Engine means: When you type text in Address bar, and press Quick Search button. GOSURF will use the default search engine to perform searching.
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