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Block annoying pop-ups and banners » Stop annoying pop-ups and banners in their tracks with GOSURF's built in Ad-Blocker.


How to use Pop-Up and Banner Blocking?
To turn it on:
  1. Open "GOSURF Options" dialog.
  2. Click "Ads-Blocker" at left panel.
  3. Move slider up for a higher level of blocking or down for a lower level.
  4. Click button "OK".

How to view blocked Pop-Ups?
When a Pop-Up is blocked, GOSURF will play a sound to prompt you of that. In Status bar, it will display "Blocked: 1".

To view blocked Pop-Up again:
  1. Click "Blocked: 1" (in Status bar).
  2. Click the last item in popup menu (it's the Pop-Up, which was blocked)

Customize Block List
If you want to add addresses to Block List manually:
  1. Click "Tools" > "Ads-Blocker" > "Edit Block List..." from main menu.
  2. Type your addresses. (GOSURF supports wildcards "*" and "?".)
  3. Click button "Add".
We update a list of commen unrequested Pop-up regular in our community.
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